Lots of plants are good for you

Our homes, that we love, would not be homes without 5 million houseplants.

Ok- a slight exaggeration but we all have at least 5 plants somewhere from the kitchen to the bathroom and that plant that post nuclear war will always survive even the worst of neglect.  Due to the current health issues with Corona understandably, we are all locked in our homes a lot more than usual and looking after your plants will help pass your day and also they do have a feel good factor. 

March is usually the month of most house plants starting to push out new leaves, but like ourselves, dusting off our winter months, taking off old leaves and looking at the general shape of our plants and whether they need re potting. 

Clay or plastic ...... mmmmm now I'm not sure if there is scientific basis for this though the only big difference is that clay pots with a single hole need to have a piece of old crock or broken pot covering, plastic pots do not require such treatment.

Compost ..... main types range from more gritty composts for succulents and cacti,to more water retentive types for general house plants, as a guide , plants with a lot of foliage generally require more water  however there are a few exceptions. Best to read up about your particular plant. 

Light levels - here's a rule in general for all plants anywhere from anywhere. If a plant has variegated leaves, then it will always require more light than a plant with solid green leaves. All based on the amount of Chlorophyl in each leaf and its ability to manufacture sugars. Remember your school biology. 

Please don't stick to small plants, all homes need a mix, go on buy something different and more importantly have fun and enjoy them. 

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Be healthy!